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“We founded dcupl with the mission to enable developers and business users to efficiently build data-intensive applications with outstanding performance.”

How the journey started

A digitization project in 2014 was seminal for Frontstage, the technological ancestor of dcupl. Tasked with creating a sales app, digital agency Netural, in the market since 1998, set out to match huge data demands with the best possible design quality and user experience, all rolled into one single code base for web and native mobile applications.

dcupl represents the next step ahead. It contains everything that worked very well in a wide variety of past use cases, and at the same time meets all the requirements that arise while developing high-performant, data-intensive business applications in 2022. In keeping with the today´s market situation, the focus is on progressive web applications, speedy, efficient development processes and frictionless user experience.

Our services and tools aim to help you scale the go-to-market of user-specific data views, be it assortment- and price-specific catalogues, order lists or any other filtered, aggregated or pivoted data view.

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Left to right: Stephan Lechner, Albert Ortig, Dominik Strasser, Gernot Bernkopf

Born and grown up to meet the real demands of prominent brands in digital change processes we have, over eight years of development, created a solution which is now used in large-scale projects and companies to achieve dual-speed transformation: speedy development of digital services with real data, connecting to the backend at a later project stage. This is how we enable and accelerate digital business innovation.

To create perfect user experience, you need a user-centric, multi-stakeholder approach. Netural’s credo has always been the inclusion of users and their feedback, because they are the real experts. With dcupl we are able to collect and grasp the users’ feedback as early as humanly possible.

dcupl eliminates bottlenecks to bring digital innovations to the market with enormous speed.

Albert Ortig
CEO, Netural

In each project we were confronted with the need to merge large numbers of systems or databases to meet the requirements of the applications we developed. Especially in the start phases of projects the IT departments of our customers found it exceptionally challenging to expose services in order to provide meaningful data for the frontend development.

With dcupl we relieve the pressure from the IT departments, being able to provide real data right away. We offer a solution for building on existing structures in the most easy and flexible way.

Stephan Lechner
CTO, Netural

Our goal in 2023 is to help everyone - from “one-man-show” developers to global enterprises - to solve their data and integration problems and build better digital experiences with less effort.

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