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Empower Your Data.
Exceed Expectations.

Master the complexity of your applications, harness your data's potential, and deliver superior customer experiences faster.

Developing complex web applications requires integrating multiple data sources, but APIs are often too slow or inadequate. IT departments lack resources, yet the rollout deadline looms next month. dcupl provides the solution.


decoupled digital catalog, no direct connection to source system

high-performance filtering of complex data and huge data amounts

rolled out 50% faster, with dual-speed, decoupled from source systems

80% faster to complete the PoC and validate a “lighthouse idea”


faster development
in PLAN phase


data clarity right from the start,
independent form the future app


sunk costs for "dual speed switch" from
static to dynamic data sources

Proven Approaches

Leverage time-tested software methodologies with a track record spanning over a decade.

Minimal Time-to Market

Expedite project delivery with minimal time-to-market, POC, and feedback cycles.

Cost-Effective Innovation

Drive digital innovation without incurring significant financial burdens.

Strasser Steine digiSTONE

Strasser Steine digiSTONE

With digiSTONE, dcupl’s partner Netural has developed a digital platform for employees of kitchen studios, furniture stores and joineries who order natural stone kitchen worktops from Strasser Steine - the market leader in Central Europe - on a daily basis. The process is as simple as ordering in a web shop and saves Strasser valuable time when taking orders.

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Silhouette Vision Sensation App

Silhouette Vision Sensation App

Austrian premium eyewear manufacturer Silhouette took a bold digitalization step with the Vision Sensation App, a tool that revolutionizes the ordering of customized eyewear. One single app covers all process steps - measuring, customizing, visualizing and ordering.

Check out success story

Designed for every day use

Customer Service Center

Map the enormous complexity of your entire B2B process chain, from order through production to delivery, with total focus on the customer and his needs.

Product Catalogue

Support customers, sales force, logistics and engineering using dcupl - browsing through thousands of options in mere milliseconds.

Virtual Design Studio

Generate thousands of qualified sales leads per year worldwide with your Virtual Design Studio - decoupled, with your entire product program.

Digital Sales Channel

With dcupl, Silhouette was able to combine sophisticated measuring features with an enormous amount of articles - integrated with “dual speed”.

Range Viewer

dcupl's Pivoting helps retail partners to compile their individual product selections and to visualize season overviews.

Sales App

Save time and budget, decoupling your Collection App with the entire product program from the source systems.

B2B Order Platform

Digitize quotation and order processes, even though the interfaces to the ERP are not yet ready. All this in half the time.

BI & IoT Data Analysis

dcupl has the power and functionality to deliver any type and amount of data in the right portions to the frontend and provide appropriate analysis capabilities.

Built for Enterprise

Create exceptional user experience, develop independently with superior developer experience, test and roll out quickly and with ease. dcupl Enterprise Edition includes Pivoting, Custom Roles, Shared Ressources, Advanced Security features and Enterprise Support. Visit our feature section as well as our pricing table for more information.

Extended Support & Services

The highest level of support and service is provided to your company at all times.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Get expert guidance and best practice consulting.

Solution Engineer

Technical guidance from the dcupl core team on the project architecture and implementation strategies.

GDPR Compliance

dcupl’s policies and services are compliant with GDPR and privacy regulations.


High-performant availability worldwide with the dcupl CDN Resource Service.

Uptime SLA

Guaranteed Yearly Uptime Percentage of at least ninety-nine point nine (99.9) percent.

Our pricing model is designed to scale with your business, making it a perfect fit for you and your company. Please take a look to see how it can benefit your needs.




  • Data clarity & insights
  • Instant PoC
  • Fast idea validation

Confident decisions


Implementation & Integration

  • Efficient development
  • Decoupled teams
  • Continuous data quality
  • Immediate user feedback
  • Living documentation

Fast time to market


Iterative Development
Operation & Service

  • Fast debugging & support
  • Stable applications
  • Continuous data quality
  • Reusable components
  • Informative analytics

Stay ahead

Ready to get started?

We look forward to working with you and your team, no matter if you are a SME or a global enterprise. dcupl helps enterprises to develop efficiently by minimizing risks effortlessly.

Data Quality Assurance

Understand and ensure data quality for confident decision-making.

No Vendor Lock-In

Enjoy the SDK's benefits indefinitely, free from vendor restrictions.

Single-Developer Start

Initiate projects with minimal resources, perfect for small teams or startups.

Offline Capability

Deliver uninterrupted user experiences with offline functionality across different environments.

Automated Specifications

Generate comprehensive technical specifications from validated user journeys, streamlining development.

Get User Feedback Faster

Accelerate feedback loops, enabling rapid adjustments and improvements by involving users early in the development cycle.

Dual-Speed Integration

Seamlessly integrate back-end services while simulating application flow with real data, bridging development stages.

Avoid Reengineering Costs

Prevent unnecessary expenses by clarifying user demands early in the development process.

Gernot Bernkopf

on August 16th, 2023

Leverage the Power of Pivoting in Your Web Applications with dcupl

From making large datasets simpler to improving data insights to informed decision-making - pivoting can do wonders when implemented correctly. So if you want to maximize the potential of your business operations, keep reading and find out everything you need to know about leveraging the power of pivoting in your web application!