Gernot Bernkopf

on March 05th, 2023

The dcupl Dual-Speed Approach

dcupl relieves the pressure on IT departments by providing real data from the very start. The solution enables you to build on existing structures in the most easy and flexible way.

If you're a developer, you know the struggle of starting a project with multiple data sources. In order to create a digital platform that is integrated into the existing core system landscape, you need access to many different data sets. This can be even more difficult than the task itself already is, if you don't have the necessary resources on the customer's side respectively your internal infrastructure and backend team’s side.

At dcupl, we understand these challenges because of our experience in many projects with global players and have created a solution that revolutionizes the development process for modern digital services. Our SaaS-based services make it easy for developers to get “early access” to all of the data they need... right from the start of the project - without having to wait for approvals or go through lengthy bureaucratic procedures.

Accelerating change while easing the pressure on IT departments.

Companies are currently facing the challenge of digitalizing processes and providing new digital services as quickly as possible. These projects can be incredibly complex and require many resources in order to complete them successfully. However, IT often has to focus resources on stable operation of the core systems in the company and cannot keep introducing new systems, developing interfaces and maintaining quality and security at the same time at the appropriate speed. Lack of IT resources leads to developers being delayed as they wait for things like API specifications, VPN accounts and access to many different data sources which need to be utilized. Therefore organizations sometimes struggle when it comes to launching sizable software projects.

In this kind of situation dcupl's SaaS-based services come into play by providing faster implementations and relieving pressure on IT departments while still allowing a fast project start. By deploying a minimal viable product (MVP) quickly, businesses are able to get their products or services into the market faster and start generating revenue without creating additional stress on IT teams.

dcupl has created a solution for building digital processes on existing environments with ease and flexibility. dcupl is the first cloud-based platform for displaying not yet integrated data. This means creating fully functional digital services or sales tools without having to solve all the complexities of fully integrating the background databases.

Stephan Lechner, CTO, Netural
Stephan Lechner
CTO, Netural

But how does this work?

Companies can use the dcupl Services to integrate their existing core systems more easily and efficiently into their software projects by abstracting interfaces or complete systemic units, which are not ready or missing at all at the beginning of a project. As simple as it sounds, by static connection using exports for example. dcupl allows to consolidate static data sources like Excel or JSON files as well as dynamic APIs and to make them available for the development in a performant way in no time.

Let's assume that a PIM system, which will collectively manage and provide the product data in the future, does not yet exist at the start of the project and that the introduction and rollout for productive use will take a year.

At the same time, however, a digital service has to be developed that will make precisely this data available to users at the end of the day. With dcupl, the duration of the introduction of the PIM can be bridged and at the same time a specification for the attribute configuration in it can be defined. If the product data cannot already be exported from an ERP, a simple Excel file can serve as a data source.

Suppose the PIM system exists, but the default APIs do not yet deliver the data according to the requirements of the application or the users.

The data is maintained in the PIM, regularly exported and imported into dcupl respectively your application implemented based on the dcupl Services - until the API is ready. In addition the data model in dcupl, which was designed for the implementation of the respective application, serves as a specification for the development of the interface. So you are creating validated specifications, which definitely avoid repetitive API changes.

Assuming the PIM system is rolled out and the API development is completed sometime after the MVP rollout.

Static data sources linked to your application are replaced with dynamic ones and no customization is required in the application itself. No sunk costs. Of course, the API could then be integrated directly into the application, but not as comfortably as with dcupl... and you would lose the powerful features of the dcupl SDK on top of that.


As IT departments continue to face increasing pressure to deliver new software and technology solutions, dual-speed implementations are becoming increasingly important as a way to relieve the pressure on IT departments while still allowing a fast project start. It allows businesses to get their products or services to market quickly and start generating revenue, without putting too much stress on IT.

Overall, dcupl is an invaluable tool for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of developing new web applications as it compresses development timescales drastically while increasing accuracy and reliability at the same time. With its many features, it offers companies a great way to reduce costs related to software development processes while providing superior performance in comparison with traditional methods.

If you want to know more about our approach, contact us. We would be happy to share our experiences and discuss how dcupl can help you.

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