Silhouette App "Vision Sensation"

Once the selection is finalized, the optician can order the product quickly and easily using the app.

Austrian premium eyewear manufacturer Silhouette took a bold digitalization step with the Vision Sensation App, a tool that revolutionizes the ordering of customized eyewear. One single app covers all process steps - measuring, customizing, visualizing and ordering.

“We have succeeded in designing a tool that is an absolute first on the market. It will significantly enhance the exceptional service and sales of Silhouette products well into the future.”

Silhouette Vision Sensation App

In what amounts to a milestone for Silhouette and the entire industry worldwide, the long-established Linz-based company has introduced in-house eyeglass lens production: 100% made in Austria by Silhouette eyeglasses are now available under the “100% Silhouette” brand, promising superior quality in every tiny detail, from the first to the very last production step. Silhouette complements this game-changing move by providing partner opticians with a digital tool that maps this process perfectly: the Silhouette Vision Sensation Tablet App.

The initial challenge

Silhouette takes a new approach to eyewear production, developing and creating lens and frame in one take, under one roof, fusing the individual measurement data to achieve both the best vision and the best look. The totally unique holistic “100% Silhouette” approach ensures that every single pair of Silhouette glasses is a 100% individually optimized masterpiece, giving tailor-made wearing comfort.

The task

The manufacturing process of a pair of 100% Silhouette eyeglasses literally begins in the face of the buyer, and therefore in the shop of a partner optician. To ensure effective and at the same time convenient integration of the optician into the standardized, meticulously quality-controlled Silhouette Vision Sensation production process, a digital tool had to be developed by the dcupl partner Netural.

The solution

The Vision Sensation app is a B2B tablet app that contains a digital measurement tool and maps every single step of the production process to ensure process quality and process stability. A patented process guides the optician through the definition of both frame and lenses with total comfort and efficiency. The app measures the pupil distance and the spot where the eye looks through the lens, to an accuracy of a tenth of a millimeter and records the physiognomic characteristics of the customer´s face. The optician uses these measurements to select the ideal Silhouette frame, visualizes it on the customer's face and individualizes all lens parameters, including lens properties, size, lens material, single-vision or progressive lenses, etc, placing the order directly via the tablet.

The result

The Vision Sensation app offers an unprecedented level of efficiency and convenience for both optician and customer. It guides through the entire process of measuring, frame selection and lens individualization:

Measuring is guided by the app and supported by intelligent "help" elements to produce a perfectly reliable result. Frames are selected from a digital product catalog to make sure that opticians have the full range of Silhouette models on offer. Virtual frame selection happens directly on the customer's face in perfectly correct size and open for immediate adjustments. Recipe data, measurement results, model choice, centering data and lens details are available at a glance on the overview page. The entire process is organized in a linear sequence, enabling opticians to skip or repeat steps at their convenience. Control is intuitive via a set of interaction gestures such as "swipe" or "pinch in/out". A highly complex process turns into entertaining child's play for those involved - and delivers controllable and predictable results for Silhouette.

The road to success

From the final go-ahead to a meaningful proof of concept, the project team created this groundbreaking app in record-breaking four months. The country-by-country rollout has been underway since 2020. Those who already have the app are thrilled. Everybody else is awaiting it impatiently.

Complementing the outstanding feature of digital frame and lenses measurement, dcupl provides the functionality for the high-performance filtering of the whole wide product range, making the order process quick and easy like never before.


decoupled digital catalog, no direct connection to source system

high-performance filtering of complex data and huge data amounts

rolled out 50% faster, with dual-speed, decoupled from source systems

80% faster to complete the PoC and validate a “lighthouse idea”