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adidas Sell-In (DCE2E)Creating B2B apps with B2C feeling opens the B2X channel in one go.

The adidas sell-in platform enormously simplifies complex ordering processes and creates an intuitive, perfectly integrated and individually customized user experience for adidas sales outlets in a multi-device application with seamless handovers.

dcupl (formerly "Frontstage by Netural") paved the road to perfection with its superior data handling capability. Sorting through thousands of articles to identify matches for selected settings is a breeze with dcupl’s filter engine and highly efficient data structures working invisibly in the background.

Superior user experience and user satisfaction are the be-all and end-all for a global brand like adidas, and the outstandingly clear, intuitive user interface of the adidas sell-in platform is a match-winner.

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Silhouette Vision
Sensation App

Austrian premium eyewear manufacturer Silhouette took a bold digitalization step with the Vision Sensation App, a tool that revolutionizes the ordering of customized eyewear. One single app covers all process steps - measuring, customizing, visualizing and ordering.

“We have succeeded in designing a tool that is an absolute first on the market. It will significantly enhance the exceptional service and sales of Silhouette products well into the future.”

Silhouette Vision Sensation App

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