Gernot Bernkopf

on April 28th, 2023

Create secure, “decoupled” web applications with dcupl

Use dcupl to create scalable, secure, data-intensive web applications with fast loading times, no connectivity dependencies and minimal backend infrastructure.

TL;DR - In this blog, you will learn how dcupl can help your organization create decoupled web applications that work independently of backend systems and interfaces, making them more secure. Direct connections to your core systems can be made largely obsolete with dcupl.

Why is decoupled application development with (short-term) static data useful?

  • Start quickly, test quickly, validate quickly
  • Start, test and validate with real data … and real data amounts!
  • Security - no direct connection via APIs and services
  • Minimal back-end infrastructure respectively cloud services
  • High-performance delivery based on pre-processed data

Data-intensive applications with minimal backend infrastructure and dependencies

In today's fast-paced digital world, businesses need efficient and effective solutions for developing mission-critical web applications. Scalability, security, fast loading times, and no connectivity dependencies are key factors that need to be considered. That's why dcupl is revolutionizing the way web applications are developed. With its comprehensive platform and design, dcupl enables businesses to quickly develop data-intensive applications with minimal backend infrastructure.

Our revolutionary platform dcupl can help you solve some of the most vexing problems facing modern companies today when it comes to building secure, data-intensive web applications without connecting to core backend systems like SAP, ABAS, PimCore or any other API-based source. By using dcupl, a wide range of applications can be built quickly and efficiently, without needing extensive backend infrastructure and knowledge respectively a team including DevOps, data scientists and backend developers. Depending on the amount of use cases of the application one front-end developer can do the work. The data modeling language of dcupl is easy to learn and very well documented.

Visit our docs to see for yourself -

With dcupl, developers can focus on building frontend components without worrying about the backend, so they can work more productively.

Zero Trust & Decoupled Architecture

We like to use the two terms “Zero Trust” and “Decoupled Architecture” to describe the way you can develop secure applications with dcupl. In a nutshell, Zero Trust means that users only have access to explicitly released data and resources (least privilege access). Decoupled architecture describes the architectural approach in which certain components run independently of surrounding or previous systems and map certain processes autonomously.

Zero Trust

Zero Trust is a security concept that assumes that any user, device, or application could be compromised and thus should not be trusted by default. Instead of granting users wide-ranging access to resources and data, Zero Trust requires them to continuously verify their identity and prove their authorization for each access request. In essence, Zero Trust focuses on verifying every request, regardless of its origin or destination, to ensure that it is legitimate.

Decoupled Architecture

Decoupling refers to the separation of the front-end and back-end components of a web application. The front-end handles user interaction and the display of information, while the back-end handles data storage and processing. Decoupling web applications can help improve security by limiting access to sensitive data and functionality to only authorized users and services.

Why can you use dcupl to develop secure, decoupled applications?

Because you can work without a direct connection to the back-end systems. Export your data as XLSX, CSV files or static JSON files and push it to the dcupl CDN or add it to your dev project and deploy it to your webserver, which delivers your application to the clients (web browser, progressive web application on mobile devices, hybrid mobile apps, POS applications, etc.). According to your plan you can use our public or our private CDN.

Applications do not work without a connection to the backend systems. It makes no sense to replicate the data. The data must be updated in real time.

These are all statements that can of course be correct in individual cases or with corresponding requirements, but when we take a closer look at the use cases that we have realized in the past with a wide variety of partners, we have refuted them time and again.

Take stock levels, for example: Imagine you want to display a product catalogue on your website or in your B2B web application that offers your customers information on stock levels or delivery times. You think this has to be queried in real time? Most of the time this is not the case and even the ERP systems often do not manage real “real-time”. Therefore, it is often possible to work with appropriate buffers, which can be guaranteed and whereby a continuous update of the warehouse stocks, for example, every hour or even every day, is completely sufficient.

We always hear real-time as a requirement, but together with our partners and clients we quickly realize that we are not talking about “real-time”. Normally we are talking about days, hours or maybe minutes for most of the use cases where dcupl has its sweet spots.

Does dcupl also provide a solution if the warehouse stock is to be queried in real time?

Of course, then the warehouse stock is a separate data resource that is dynamically queried and can also be continuously updated in your web application. Not everything can be mapped completely decoupled, but a lot!

We would be happy to discuss this point with you. Just book a 30-minute meeting and we will try to outline a solution together with you.

Cyber attacks and attack-proof applications play a major role for our customers due to the current situation. With dcupl, we were able to implement B2B services with product catalogues that do not require a connection to systems like SAP or ABAS. Totally “decoupled” from any database and interfaces.

Stephan Lechner, CTO Netural
Stephan Lechner
CTO Netural

What if the data must only to be delivered after prior authentication and authorisation on a user- and role-specific basis?

Let us introduce you to dcupl’s “pre-processing”. Based on our sophisticated search & filter architecture we provide a service, which is able to split up your data based on different rules you set. With dcupl you can create subsets of your data within minutes. For example, if you want to filter your data based on an attribute which includes “showOnWebsite = TRUE | FALSE” in order to create a dataset which only includes data records for your website, enjoy our hassle-free workflow and pre-process your data with dcupl.

What does this mean for authentication?

dcupl is able to pre-process your data based on role- or user-properties, so that only the right data is delivered. We have done it, so we can show it to you.

Did dcupl invent this approach?

No, think of Static Site Generator like Gatsby or Jekyll or approaches like with Next.js and Nuxt.js. Content can be queried of headless content management systems like Storyblok during the build and statically integrated into the websites. The applications and pages run completely decoupled from any upstream systems and are usually delivered with high performance via CDNs.

Compared to these page generators, dcupl is aimed more at web applications that display a large number of data records and provide corresponding search, filter and analysis functions such as aggregation or pivoting. The data can also be integrated into the overall package during the build or obtained from a web server - also protected with corresponding authentication headers - via request.

Why is decoupled application development with (short-term) static data useful?

  • Start quickly, test quickly, validate quickly
  • Start, test and validate with real data … and real data amounts!
  • Security - no direct connection via APIs and services
  • Minimal back-end infrastructure respectively cloud services
  • High-performance delivery based on pre-processed data


By using a framework like dcupl, developers can easily build decoupled applications that follow the principles of Zero Trust, providing enhanced security and reducing the risk of data breaches and cyber attacks. With its support for decoupling, dcupl enables your team to create and maintain complex web applications with minimal backend infrastructure, streamlining the development process and enabling you to get to market quickly - with a maximum of security.

By using dcupl, you can ensure that your web applications are secure, scalable, and fast-loading, giving your users the best possible experience. So, whether you're a CEO, CMO, CIO, technical director, dev lead, or security expert, dcupl is a tool you should explore if you want to streamline your development process and create decoupled web application.

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Our success story with Silhouette, for example, shows a completely decoupled use case -

Measuring is guided by the app and supported by intelligent "help" elements to produce a perfectly reliable result. Frames are selected from a digital product catalog to make sure that opticians have the full range of Silhouette models on offer. Virtual frame selection happens directly on the customer's face in perfectly correct size and open for immediate adjustments. Recipe data, measurement results, model choice, centering data and lens details are available at a glance on the overview page.

A highly complex process turns into entertaining child's play for those involved - and delivers controllable and predictable results for Silhouette - powered by the “decoupled” functionality and offline capabilities of dcupl.

If you want to know more about our approach, contact us. We would be happy to share our experiences and discuss how dcupl can help you.

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