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For developers and freelancers.


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  • 1 Project
  • 1 Seat, 2 Sources (fix)
  • 10 Resources
  • Free Community Features
  • dcupl Community Portal (Github)


For starting businesses elevating their development.

€ 29,-/m

€ 324,-/y

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  • 1 Project
  • 3 Seats, 3 Sources (fix)
  • 20 Resources
  • "Free Features" + Model Editor, Activity Log, Versioning, Clone Projects, 2FA, Model Graph
  • dcupl Community Portal (Github)


For established teams and growing organizations thriving digitalization and increasing efficiency.

€ 880,-/m

€ 9480,-/y

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  • 1 Project
  • 5 Seats, 5 Sources (flex)
  • 50 Resources
  • "Basic Features" + Custom Roles, Private CDN, Transformers, Pivoting, Pre-Processing, Performance Analytics, Quality Analyzer, Data Quality Testing & Monitoring
  • dcupl Community Portal (Github) & Support Portal+
  • Customer Success Manager & Solutions Engineer


Built for enterprises with highest standards, taking innovation & digitalization to the next level.


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  • 3 Projects
  • 8 Seats, 8 Sources (flex), 100 Resources (per project)
  • "Business Features" + Multi-Project Features, Forced 2FA, Ext. Activity Log, Debugging Dumps, Time Travel, dcupl Server/API, On-Premises, SSO
  • dcupl Community Portal (Github) & Support Portal+, Live-Chat, Technical Support & Dedicated Onboarding, Extended Support
  • Customer Success Manager & Solutions Engineer, SLA
Seat = named user
2 Sources (fix) = localhost, Draft (CDN)
3 Sources (fix) = localhost, Draft (CDN), Prod (CDN)

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For developers and freelancers. Get full access to all "Business" features within our 14-days trial period, use the free features forever.

Feature comparison

List of all features according to the plan.

General / Pricing
Seats (named user) incl.13+5+8+
Seats (named user) max.1510Unlimited
Costs per additional seat (per project) -€ 19,-€ 99,-Contact Sales
Projects incl.1113+
Monthly costs per additional project ---Contact Sales
CDN RS* - Monthly Traffic incl. 100 GB500 GB1 TB3 TB
ChannelsCommunity Portal (Github)Community Portal (Github)Support PortalSupport Portal, Live-Chat
Support / Onboarding-License and billing related issues Basic +
Limited*** guidance/assistance around bug validation, GitHub bug reports
Business +
guidance/assistance around implementation, configuration, upgrades, bug validation, GitHub bug reports;
Best-Practice Advice
SLA Levels--- 4 SLA Levels****
Extended Support Package +25% of Monthly Costs
Uptime SLA**-95%97%99,9%
Professional Services
Customer Success Manager --
Solutions Engineer--
Consumption based
Resources (models & datasets) 102050100
Versioning Retention1102550
Sources*****2 (fix)3 (fix)5 (flex)8 (flex)
Backup Frequency--WeeklyDaily
Custom Roles soon --15
dcupl CLI
Visual Studio Code IntelliSense
dcupl SDK
Loader Configuration
Environments - Variables
Environments - HttpConfigs
Environments - QueryParams
Basic & Advanced Filtering
Views (sections)
dcupl Console Access
Dashboard Data Widgets
Account & Billing
Project & User Management
Roles (owner, admin, editor, viewer)
Data Explorer
Demo Configurator
File Explorer soon
Data Upload (CSV/JSON) soon
Model Viewer
Public CDN (Resource Service)
Notification Center
Model Editor soon -
Activity Log-
Clone Projects soon -
2FA soon -
Private CDN (Resource Service) --
Pre-Processing --
Custom Roles soon --
dcupl Server/API ---
Shared Resources (models & datasets) ---
Forced 2FA soon ---
Extended Activity Log ---
On Premises---
Single Sign-On---
Extended Support---
Data Analytics
Model Overview
Model Graph-
Performance Analytics
Loader Insights
Quality Analyzer--
Data Quality Testing--
Data Quality Monitoring soon --
Debugging Dumps soon ---
Time Travel soon ---
Composable Applications & Component Libraries
tailwindcss Components
based on various JS frameworks
Demo Application Source
dcupl demo catalogue on github

All prices indicated are non-binding and exclusive of VAT, unless otherwise stated.

*) CDN Resource Service - models & datasets are provided via CDN.

**) Uptime SLA - pro-rated refund credit for next billing period in case of violation.

***) Limited meaning we will initially point you to resources in our documentation or other various resources and provide a best-effort help beyond resource reference.

****) SLA levels only reflect initial and subsequent response, they do not cover resolution times.
Response Times: Critical 1 BD, High 2 BD, Medium 3 BD, Low 5BD (BD = Business Day); 08:00am to 5:00pm CEST; support language = English; Extended Support = lower response times + hotline, incident email.

*****) Stage models, datasets and loader configurations. fix = predefined stages; flex = configurable stages;

Discount for nonprofits & educational institutions.

We offer discounts for educational institutions and non-profit organizations that are making the world a better place. Contact our sales to learn more.

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