Streamline your Front-end Development Process
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As a front-end developer, you know that time is of the essence when it comes to creating high-quality digital products that meet the demands of today's tech-savvy consumers. However, one of the biggest obstacles in the development process can be the missing or uncompleted APIs and systems, which can cause delays and errors.

That's where dcupl comes in.

This set of established and proven tools and services is based on years of software engineering experience in countless complex digitalization projects. With dcupl, front-end developers can streamline their development process and focus on creating exceptional user experiences that exceed expectations.

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Why use dcupl?

Enjoy the dcupl dev tools

The dcupl SDK is available on npm and runs in any javascript environment. It's used in numerous projects ranging from small prototypes to large scale production applications handling tens of thousands of datasets in the browser.

Client side query execution
Client-side query execution allows for efficient offline data processing and analysis of thousands of datasets, providing developers with the flexibility to build robust applications that can function even without a constant internet connection.
Predictable state management
By utilizing strict data models in conjunction with predictable state management, dcupl ensures that your applications maintain a high level of reliability and consistency over time.
Frictionless development process
dcupl's frictionless development process, independence from surrounding systems, and lack of dependencies on backends make it an ideal solution for developers seeking a seamless and streamlined approach to building robust applications.
dcupl Console
The dcupl Console serves as a comprehensive development tool for building and debugging applications with dcupl, providing developers with the ability to pre-process, test, and publish their applications from a single platform.
Powerful and simple API
dcupl's API strikes the perfect balance between power and simplicity, making it easy for developers to leverage its capabilities while maintaining a streamlined development process.
Production ready
dcupl has been extensively tested and is highly stable, making it the ideal choice for developing enterprise-grade data-intensive web applications with reliable and efficient performance.

dcupl takes away most of the dependencies that prevent our front-end team from working uninterrupted and being productive, like unfinished or constantly changing APIs. It provides a simple to use SDK, that handles a lot of the boilerplate code needed in every application!

Daniel Krenmayr, Senior Front-end Developer
Daniel Krenmayr
Senior Front-end Developer

Start developing your own application with dcupl

Define your models, add some data and call dcupl.init(). That's all you need to get started with dcupl.

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Popular Use Cases

Make your first steps in the dcupl Console

Check out our short introduction video and explore the dcupl Console with one of our demo projects.

For developers

Quick and easy product catalogue

We have created a demo based on freely available fashion data. Check out the dcupl Docs, start with the demo and add your own data.

For developers

Check out our "Getting Started" section in the Docs

dcupl follows best practice implementation patterns and ensures high-performance functionality in your client (browser) and server environments.

Success Stories

adidas Sell-in

adidas B2B Sales App

Offline CapabilityPerformance
20+ data input systems

The adidas sell-in platform enormously simplifies complex ordering processes and creates an intuitive, perfectly integrated and individually customized user experience for adidas sales outlets in a multi-device application with seamless handovers.

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