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dcupl's innovative solution empowers developers and business users to check their data's quality within 1 day - publishing and testing it in a first prototype within 2 days.

dcupl for Enterprises

dcupl Enterprise Edition is a professional data platform that enables companies of any size to speed up web application development and UX testing. Use it to come up with better digital solutions and achieve superior user experience at amazing speed.

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Designed for Every Use Case

Start developing your data-intensive web application in no time.

  • Range Viewer

    Range Viewer

    dcupl's Pivoting helps retail partners to compile their individual product selections and to visualize season overviews. Combining data out of myriads of source systems, the clear, intuitive user interface of this B2B sales platform is outstanding.

  • Customer Service Center

    Customer Service Center

    Map the enormous complexity of your entire B2B process chain, from order through production to delivery, with total focus on the customer and his needs.

  • Product Catalogue

    Product Catalogue

    Support customers, sales force, logistics and engineering using dcupl - browsing through thousands of options in mere milliseconds.

  • Sales App

    Sales App

    Save time and budget, decoupling your Collection App with the entire product program from the source systems.

  • Virtual Design Studio

    Virtual Design Studio

    Generate thousands of qualified sales leads per year worldwide with your Virtual Design Studio - decoupled, with your entire product program.

  • Digital Sales Channel

    Digital Sales Channel

    With dcupl, Silhouette was able to combine sophisticated measuring features with an enormous amount of articles - integrated with “dual speed”.

Built for Enterprise

Create exceptional user experience, develop independently with superior developer experience, test and roll out quickly and with ease.

Extended Support & Services

The highest level of support and service is provided to your company at all times.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Get expert guidance and best practice consulting.

Solution Engineer

Technical guidance from the dcupl core team on the project architecture and implementation strategies.

GDPR Compliance

dcupl’s policies and services are compliant with GDPR and privacy regulations.


High-performant availability worldwide with the dcupl CDN Resource Service.

Uptime SLA

Guaranteed Yearly Uptime Percentage of at least ninety-nine point nine (99.9) percent.

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dcupl Enterprise Edition includes Pivoting, Custom Roles, Shared Ressources, Advanced Security features and Enterprise Support. Visit our feature section as well as our pricing table for more information.

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