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The dcupl Approach - Create exceptional user experience, develop independently with superior developer experience, test and roll out quickly and with ease.

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Frontend First

A user-centric approach is part of our DNA, and “Frontend First” is our mindset.

dcupl frees you to focus on developing the frontend part of your applications by enormously simplifying and accelerating the data provision part. “Frontend First” ensures superior user experience - and that means not just the look and feel of the UI and the transitions, it means amazing performance, and always providing the "right" data.

Looking back on their experiences as developers and product owners in countless projects, the dcupl core team members know how difficult it is to determine data requirements on the basis of concepts and drafts. All the more important is feedback from earliest project stages on. You need to find out which user needs which data in which view to create an application that really does the job and keeps the users happy.

dcupl provides you with the tools and services to gather feedback from your users and identify necessary adjustments to your application as early as humanly possible.

dcupl Frontend First

Dual-Speed Principle

Over eight years of development, a solution was created, which is now used in large-scale projects and companies, providing dual-speed digital transformation.

The Dual-Speed Principle is the Frontend First Approach thought through to the happy end. Dual-speed transformation means you start developing using real data and realistic data amounts from day one. Yes, it is possible, now that dcupl is here. And while you develop, test and optimize your application, replace the exports using APIs and web services.

But first push the quality level of your application's data requirement specifications to the highest possible level to avoid sunk costs for repeated changes. That is what the Dual-Speed Principle is about: creating ample breathing space to make sure the development of the data provision part in your projects happens along the best possible specifications and with enough time to ensure highest quality. Depending on your use case, your application can even be rolled out based on intervalic exports.

“dcupl relieves the pressure on IT departments by providing real data from the very start. This solution enables you to build on existing structures in the most easy and flexible way.”

dcupl Dual-Speed

Composable Applications //
Composable Data

With dcupl you can reuse your data resources within multiple projects and application types.

Using the powerful modelling language and the loader configuration, you define application-specific settings and load the data you need for your actual application.

Simply spoken, dcupl does for developers what Lego does for kids. They use Lego bricks to build cars, houses, space ships or fantasy objects, following instructions or their own ideas, always based on the properties of the available bricks. Working with dcupl, data become Lego bricks, freely combined, used and visualized in applications, depending on their properties.

Contact our experts and find out about using the same data in multiple digital services, and how this kind of flexibility drove the success of our voestalpine and EGGER projects.

dcupl Composable Applications

dcupl takes away most of the dependencies that prevent our front-end team from working uninterrupted and being productive, like unfinished or constantly changing APIs. It provides a simple to use SDK, that handles a lot of the boilerplate code needed in every application!

Daniel Krenmayr, Senior Front-end Developer
Daniel Krenmayr
Senior Front-end Developer

Progressive Web Applications

Short- and medium-term predictions for the progressive web application market are stunning.

Doing more with less

Throughout Europe the need for well-trained software developers is constantly increasing. At the same time the skilled labor shortage is omnipresent. Companies need to increase their digital business speed, shortening timelines for implementing digital business initiatives in order to meet the demands of their markets and customers. dcupl focuses on fast, standardized development of data-intensive web applications with limited development resources.

dcupl offers full offline capability. As long as permanent connection is not essential, your application runs completely on the client side. This reduces server peaks, boosts performance and satisfies users with a best-in-class user experience.

In cases that still require a client/server architecture fetching data via an API, we are happy to run as a server-side engine.

adidas Sell-In Progressive Web Application

Zero Trust Applications

Develop "Zero Trust Applications" and maximize security levels using dcupl - completely decoupled from your backend systems.

With dcupl you can operate applications in total independence. Provide data statically, at intervals. Direct connection to source systems is not necessary.

dcupl proved its capabilities in "Zero Trust Application" projects of Silhouette. Here, data are delivered at defined intervals via export, using dcupl to make them available to the applications. Only the application-specific user authentication runs on separate, specially protected IAM systems. Users receive only those data segments which correspond with their individual roles and rights.

Contact our experts to hear about Zero Trust Applications with dcupl in detail.

Low-Code Applications

dcupl enables the scalable development of data-intensive business applications without connecting to source systems right from the start.

The SDK handles a lot of the boilerplate code needed in every application which deals with lists of items, whether they contain thousands of products or just 50 blog entries. dcupl reduces complexities to the point where non-senior developers can start new projects on their own.

dcupl removes the headaches of worrying about different data layers and APIs. Create your PoC/MVP within two weeks, not two months, and do it alone, without recruiting a team of five from different departments and knowledge levels (IT, DB, BE, FE, …).

Contact our experts and learn how much dcupl can accelerate your processes and increase your efficiency.

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