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Creating B2B apps with B2C feeling opens the B2X channel in one go.

The adidas sell-in platform enormously simplifies complex ordering processes and creates an intuitive, perfectly integrated and individually customized user experience for adidas sales outlets in a multi-device application with seamless handovers.

dcupl (formerly "Frontstage by Netural") paved the road to perfection with its superior data handling capability. Sorting through thousands of articles to identify matches for selected settings is a breeze with dcupl’s filter engine and highly efficient data structures working invisibly in the background.

Superior user experience and user satisfaction are the be-all and end-all for a global brand like adidas, and the outstandingly clear, intuitive user interface of the adidas sell-in platform is a match-winner.

dcupl Sell-In

Traditionally, adidas sent huge numbers of product prototypes to development and production partners worldwide, and sales partners had to dig through voluminous paper catalogs to compile orders manually. With the new sell-in platform, this global sports brand has changed the game, turning the order process into a fully digitalized, highly personalized, perfectly integrated sell-in user experience.

Managing the data flow, pre-fetching assets and manipulating datasets in nearly real time - dcupl outperforms them all.

adidas Digital Sell-In touch-table application
B2X statt B2B2C

The adidas sales platform stores all information collected from retailers, including sales volumes and retail spaces. During live sales shows, thousands and thousands of products and entire looks with all related media, even videos, are available in a captivating mix of digital and analog. This helps adidas retail partners to put their individual range together with just a few swipes and visualize overviews with just one click to identify missing products or order similar ones in total convenience.

adidas is about speed and finishing first, and dcupl turned out to be the best friend of a project team under breathtaking time pressure, providing real data in an impossibly early project phase. The “Frontend First” approach empowered adidas to roll out and present an MMP of the application within 2 months for tests with selected retail partners. Testing interfaces with real data in real scenarios with minimal setup costs was an enormous boost for the rapid project progress. Deep, governance-compliant integration was done in parallel at “Dual Speed”, taking pressure off the IT department.

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